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HTTP POST replay with NetCat

This post is more for record keeping than anything else … that and I haven’t written a thing on this site in a couple years I think. So the story goes you want to “submit” (HTTP POST) the same thing to a web site a bunch of times and the only control the genius web […]

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Offensive Security PWB (OSCP) – A Review

Let’s start off on the right foot shall we?  I don’t want to be rude but – I am a computer geek, my writing skills are not so great.  So if you don’t like the way I write just quit reading.  So let’s get on with the story shall we?   2013 was just starting […]

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SQLi by Design?

  Now by no means do I claim to be a good developer, but security I know a little bit about.  So when I ran accross this I just had to share and see if anyone would pipe up and either A. tell me whats going on or B. hack Yahoo!  So here is what […]

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eHarmony Leak – 1.51 Million Passwords

Well with little sleep to go on I keep reading the articles from the supposed LinkedIn hack.  There was a lot of incomplete information floating around yesterday.  To start off with these hashes were posted on a forum (we all know this already) but the “hacker” was asking for help to crack the hashes … […]

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LinkedIn Leak – 6.5 Million Passwords

When I first saw the tweets come through about the list of 6.5 million LinkedIn hashes I changed my account password right away. Then as many others did I went out on the net to see if I could find this list. I found my way to as most everyone else did and downloaded […]

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Apple Mail 5.2 with SMIME Always asking for Password

This has now been bugging me for some time.  I have setup Mail on my Mac with my smime private key and I have a few public keys of my friends.  The issue was that every time that I opened mail, went to another mail folder with an encrypted message, or woke my computer from […]

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Mobile Hacking at it’s Best!

I have always loved wireless security.  It is just such an easy target.  The only issue that I have had is that I was restricted to carrying around a laptop and I just didn’t like the idea of having to operate the software while I was out.  So I came up with this neat little […]

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One Really Good Reason iOS > Droid

After numerous posts on smime encrypted emails with iOS I decided to look at what the android devices can do. I recently have gotten my hands on a Motorola Xoom, and with all my devices the software is [at the time of writing this] currently up to date. The goal here was to use my […]

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