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Forefront TMG Cache Directory Tool – CacheDir.exe

This is a neat tool provided by Microsoft for TMG 2010 to view the current Cache on disk. You can download it here -> along with many other tools for TMG. This being a Microsoft tool with the “provided as is” policy, it doesn’t have much documentation. So maybe these quick pointers will help […]

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It has really been a long time coming but ver. 1.1 of mI Wallet has finally been released on iTunes!  Really the only notable change for users is that there is now error handling if you don’t have telephony.  So mI Wallet can now run on iPODs!

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How to Mess with People with iOS5 and iCloud

Exploitation of apple products is getting to be a very popular, however abusing product features can be just as fun. Now seeing as how I have a mind that makes me think of ways to abuse features naturally this one came VERY fast, and most people have already thought of it. Although I thought that […]

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Rotate MOV and Other Movie Files with iMovie

POV cameras are getting very popular now due to being inexpensive and the increasing popularity of extreme sports. I bought a POV camera so that I could mount it on my backpack and record some crazy hikes that I do in the rocky mountains and to put on the dash of my Jeep Wrangler to […]

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DVD/BlueRay Rippen’

WOW I just can’t believe that my iTunes library just hit 200 movies.  I have been rippen like mad, and non stop.  Leave your comments and guess when I will hit 300, 400, and the big 500.  The closest guess will be included in a launch package valued at $100.  If only one person […]

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Update WordPress on 1and1

If you are a customer of 1and1 hosting you know that they do a great job with pretty much everything … except there is no WordPress support build in for beginners.  I had to do a good search around to find a way to get WordPress installed when I brought up ver3 and […]

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Exchange 2007 – Shared Mailbox Creation

Creating a shared mailbox is something that is not done very often, and if you don’t know how to create one you may not even know about them.  Shared Mailboxes can only be created from the Exchange Management Shell which kind of hides them away from the inexperienced administrator.  They are however a very powerful […]

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JavaScript – Quick Validation

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Javascript king so this may be so elementary to most. This is a very easy way to verify that fields are filled in and the email address is a proper format.  Make sure that your form has a proper name and that all […]

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