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CDs are on their way out thanks to services like iTunes, and I hate to break it to you but if you haven’t figured it out yet DVDs and BlueRays are going too. I have started what I figure to be a 6-8 month process of getting all my DVDs and BlueRays into iTunes so that we can just get rid of em all. How can we do this? Well first off make sure you have a way to watch digital movies on your TV like an Apple TV(2) and then get rippen!

What you need

* A decently powered PC or Mac with DVD and or BlueRay Drive
* SlySoft AnyDVD HD
* SlySoft ClondDVD mobile
* Handbrake
* iTunes
* A TON of disk space depending on your DVD collection

Where to start

1. Organize all of your digital media into iTunes and don’t use any other player to access your library unless you know that it will not re-organize your files.

2. In your iTunes Preferences under Advanced make sure that “Keep iTunes Media folder organized” and “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” are selected.

3. If you haven’t been doing so start by downloading all digital copies that you are licensed for by following the instructions that came with your DVD or BlueRay.

4. Go through your home and find all DVDs and BlueRays and organize them in sequence of how you would like to rip them.

5. Make sure that you have backup software running and that you have enough disk space for your movies and backup of all those movies. You would hate to spend months ripping your movies and then loose all that work when your disk crashes.

6. Install SlySoft AnyDVD HD, SlySoft Clone DVD Mobile, and Handbrake. Once all software is installed make sure you give your computer a quick restart so that it is fresh and ready to go.

How to get your Movies in iTunes with Pretty Art Work

1. With my work schedule I am able to be around my home computer with enough time to rip 4 DVDs a day. So each morning I take the top four DVDs from my main un-ripped pile and put them on my desk.

2. Open up your web browser of choice and go to This is where you will get your images to add to iTunes so that you can easily identify movies visually.

3. Search for something like “[movie title] DVD cover” and you will see a bunch of images. Look for one that is around 200px by 300px this way it is a good size to transfer quickly to the Apple TV and it will be the aprox. dimensions of iTunes art work for movies.

4. Click on the image, then on the right hand side click on “view full-size image”.

5. Save the image to a directory that you will remember like your desktop.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each movie that you will rip that day.

7. Insert a DVD into your drive and wait for AnyDVD to scan the disk.

8. Once the disk is scanned your default DVD player will open and start playing the movie. Close the application. You can set your software to not auto play the DVDs but I like to leave this on so that I know the AnyDVD process is complete.

9. Open either Clone DVD Mobile or handbrake. I have both on my system because every once and a while you will get a DVD that will give you errors in one software package but not the other.

10. For Handbrake select your source (the video folder on DVD), then select “AppleTV 2” to get some basic settings. Make sure the destination is filled out and the file name is the name of the DVD. If you do not rename the file it will look like crap in iTunes. Then Select “Video Filters” and change Deinterlace to fast, and click on “Start”

11. For Clone DVD Mobile select Apple TV, click next, select source and next, click next again. Change the resolution to 1280×720 (widescreen) and then again rename the file or it will look bad in iTunes and change the label to the same. Then click on Go.
CloneDVD Mobile

12. Once the rip has completed your movie will be in your destination folder

13. Open your directory access program windows explorer (PC) or Finder (MAC) and go to your iTunes media folder and open it

14. Open the “Movies” folder inside of the iTunes directory and create a new folder. Give it the same name as the movie.

15. Move the movie file (movie name.mp4) to the new folder that you just created.

16. Open iTunes and go to “Movies”

17. Click on File then “Add folder to Library” (PC) “Add to Library” (MAC)

18. Browse to the folder that you just created and add it

19. You will now see your movie in the movie list but it looks kind of cheap

20. Right click on the movie in iTunes and click “Get Info”

21. Click the “Info” tab and make sure the Name of the movie is correct and add the Genre tag. You will thank me later when you are looking through 100+ movies.

22. Select the “Artwork” tab

23. Click the “Add” button and browse to the image that you downloaded from Google earlier

24. Click “OK”

25. You may need to restart iTunes to see the changes but it now should look pretty good. Go ahead and repeat steps 9 – 24 for the rest of your DVDs for the day, and then start the entire process all over again the next day. Don’t worry about the image files after you added them in iTunes, you can delete them off your desktop to keep things clean.

Well have fun with this, and don’t do any pirating you scurvy dogs!

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