Chrome, Firefox, IE – But Have You Seen Opera Lately?

The browser wars are forever going to continue, but has anyone used opera lately? Well I thought that I would download it and give it a try again after a few years not using it. Wow what a change! I have to say Opera is now up there with Chrome for me, I just wonder if it will integrate into windmill as well?

Major Pluses That I Have Seen So Far

* Like Chrome and Safari Opera has its “Speed Dial” which is a page with boxes that take you to pages that you can configure. I like Opera in this sense way more than Safari because it can be changed very easily.

* The Defaults are very tuned. I love how I didn’t have to go searching for the “open last pages” option. When you close and open Opera it starts off right where you left off.

* The options to change the User Style sheet is right out in the open for you to customize your web experience for your self.

* Opera has (by default) a very compact interface maximizing the browser window.

* Opera also has a community that it is building at where you can sign up and get online storage, share photos, blog, and synchronize your browser’s bookmarks for opera on a mobile phone or other devices.

I am finding more and more as I go and I don’t think that I will un-install it any time soon.

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