Exchange 2007 – Shared Mailbox Creation

Creating a shared mailbox is something that is not done very often, and if you don’t know how to create one you may not even know about them.  Shared Mailboxes can only be created from the Exchange Management Shell which kind of hides them away from the inexperienced administrator.  They are however a very powerful replacement for mail enabled public folders.  To create a new shared mailbox log onto a computer with an account that has Exchange Administration privileges and open the Exchange Management Shell.  Enter the following

New-Mailbox -alias "[your alias here]" -name "[your mailbox name here]" -database "[server]\[storage group]\[database name]" -org "[domain/OU]" -shared -UserPrincipalName "[email address]"

This will create the shared mailbox. Then you will need to set permissions on the mailbox so that users can access the mailbox, and send using this address if need be. The easiest way to do this would be to use the Exchange Management Console -> Recipient Configuration -> Mailbox and then in the Actions pane on the right use “Manage Full Access Permissions” and/or “Manage Send As Permissions” depending on what you need.

Once all of that has been done you will have to get the users to do a little tweaking in Outlook to access the new mailbox. Have them do the following.

1. Open Outlook
2. Click on Tools and then Account Settings …
3. Click on the Change button on the first screen
4. Click on the More Settings … button
5. Click on the Advanced Tab
6. Click on the Add button
7. Enter [the name from above] and click ok
8. Click OK to all the windows until you are back to your main Outlook window
9. You will now see a new Mailbox in your folder list
10. Open it up and it is exactly like having … another Mailbox, because you do.

And that is all she wrote.

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