One Really Good Reason iOS > Droid

After numerous posts on smime encrypted emails with iOS I decided to look at what the android devices can do. I recently have gotten my hands on a Motorola Xoom, and with all my devices the software is [at the time of writing this] currently up to date. The goal here was to use my private smime key with the mail application and other people’s public keys to send and receive encrypted email.

The intended goal could not be accomplished … Why? Android currently does not support smime! WTF? Now before anyone starts commenting that they were able to do this, remember what the goal was. There are apps out there for android that will support smime, but I wanted to use the “mail” app that came with my device.

This definitely is (in my mind) a huge failure for the android OS. Apple’s iOS has got them beat hands down on this one.

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