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HTTP POST replay with NetCat

This post is more for record keeping than anything else … that and I haven’t written a thing on this site in a couple years I think. So the story goes you want to “submit” (HTTP POST) the same thing to a web site a bunch of times and the only control the genius web […]

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Free Email Encryption – Part 2 – IOS Devices

It has now come up in my life that I wanted to enable SMIME Encryption on my emails outbound from my IOS devices. I send lots of mail from my iPhone, iPad, and iPod with information that should not be sent in plain text. So I thought that while I set up all my devices […]

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Free Email Encryption

I am defiantly not the first person to write about this but there are still not enough people that know they can have decent security for little or no cost. So don’t blame me if your parents/partners sniff your home network, grab your email or account password and read everything that you don’t want them […]

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Free Security Training

Although I have not checked out all the videos on the site, I can say that this information can help a lot of people understand some concepts of security. For others the site may be a little “Mickey Mouse” but you never know what you might learn about. http://www.securitytube.net/ is a neat site that people […]

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