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HTTP POST replay with NetCat

This post is more for record keeping than anything else … that and I haven’t written a thing on this site in a couple years I think. So the story goes you want to “submit” (HTTP POST) the same thing to a web site a bunch of times and the only control the genius web […]

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eHarmony Leak – 1.51 Million Passwords

Well with little sleep to go on I keep reading the articles from the supposed LinkedIn hack.  There was a lot of incomplete information floating around yesterday.  To start off with these hashes were posted on a forum (we all know this already) but the “hacker” was asking for help to crack the hashes … […]

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LinkedIn Leak – 6.5 Million Passwords

When I first saw the tweets come through about the list of 6.5 million LinkedIn hashes I changed my account password right away. Then as many others did I went out on the net to see if I could find this list. I found my way to yandex.ru as most everyone else did and downloaded […]

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More Free Info Sec Training

This day in age I am surprised that the community does so much for free. I stumbled upon some more free MetaSploit training today. This course is from the guys at offensive security. If you haven’t heard of the offensive security certifications they are known to be the hardest, and most intense info sec exams […]

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An Answer to an Age Old Question

I don’t know how many times I have been asked, “Can you teach me to hack?”. It has got to be one of the most anoying questions. Even though the vaugue answer “learn to code, think differently, and become part of the community” usually works, that is not what they are looking for. Most people […]

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