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DVD/BlueRay Rippen’

WOW I just can’t believe that my iTunes library just hit 200 movies.  I have been rippen like mad, and non stop.  Leave your comments and guess when I will hit 300, 400, and the big 500.  The closest guess will be included in a Campravan.com launch package valued at $100.  If only one person […]

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Get Your DVDs into iTunes for FREE

CDs are on their way out thanks to services like iTunes, and I hate to break it to you but if you haven’t figured it out yet DVDs and BlueRays are going too. I have started what I figure to be a 6-8 month process of getting all my DVDs and BlueRays into iTunes so […]

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Great Bands – I Just Heard of

Satellite radio is good for so many things, the un-sensored DJs, very specific music on stations, and hearing music from bands that I don’t think that I would ever hear of otherwise. Here is a quick run down of some great bands that I have picked up either through Satellite or iTunes Genius. Bloodsimple Hellya […]

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