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Every web site today pretty much accepts input from users. Unfortunately this almost always means that the site will accept input from bots, and malicious attackers. Why must people make the internet such a hostile place? Well luckily there are neat, and FREE tools to help developers stop this type of stuff. Let’s focus on […]

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Campravan.com Makeover – May 16, 2011

That’s right, Campravan is finally getting the page that it should have had weeks ago. It is very eye pleasing I think but it is still not going to be fully functional. For a place holder this is one really crazy page. And yes, it is only one freakn’ page! CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and […]

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PHP + IE8 + PDF + SSL = Not Cool!

Well it is now after my good 5 hour battle with Internet Explorer 8 and I have come out victorious! The nice little PHP Site that I mentioned a few days ago running on SSL, that I thought was finally fixed, wasn’t. Apparently the majority of users run IE 8 and I tested the site […]

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SQL Injection – It really does work

Well I can’t believe it, after all these years of writing PHP websites with MySQL I finally had a site that was worth the effort to buy an SSL cert and test for SQL Injection. This attack has always facinated me because of it’s simplicity and destructive capability. So here was what happened. I wrote […]

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